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News Page

This is our news page, it contains up to date and topical news from Abersoch Boatyard Services Ltd and the Abersoch area in general. It is kept up to date using the right hand column of the website so what you see on this page will get updated as that column fills up. If we think you'd like to read about it, you'll find it here! If you have some news that you think we'd like to broadcast please drop Tim an email preferably with a photo or two!

2017 News

21st April 2017

We're back and getting into the swing of updating the website again. After a couple of years "off" looking after the family Tim is back at the yard full time and is loving being part of the yard once more. This will be his 14th season at the yard and he's still stoked to be here looking after your boating needs. If we can help with anything at all then please drop Tim a line by email or give him a call on 01758 713900.

Happy boating in 2017!

2016 News

15th October 2016

Park & Launch season draws to a close. Today was the last day of our 2016 Park & launch season here at the yard, to all our customers we hope you've had a great season and we look forward to welcoming you back to the yard for some more boating action in 2017.

23rd July 2016

We've been a bit slack with the website recently with quite a bit going on both at the boatyard and with the model yachting side of the business. The yard has been busy with the weather playing ball to some extent and we've had lots of smiley customers making the most of their boats. The model yachting side of the business has continued to grow and it is keeping Tim busy. Emily is making great progress too with her next visit to Hospital scheduled for October. Phoebe is now three and will probably be working at the yard in the next year or two!


2015 News

27th June 2015

Things are getting a little easier here at Boatyard HQ, Emily is now home and I'm able to do a bit more regular work. The best way to contact me is still by Email for the time being. The yard continues to operate as normal and the staffing arrangements we put in place earlier in the year will remain for the rest of the season. Remember that you can keep bang up to date with the weather and news on our twitter feed at the top of the page.

9th May 2015

Emily is at home! After what seems like an absolute lifetime of Emily being ill she has been allowed out for the weekend to take in some quality sea air and enjoy some R&R with her family. She will return to hospital on Monday morning to begin her fourth and final cycle of chemo which will hopefully be somewhat less stressful than the third!

17th April 2015

Emily Update & Bonny Boating Weather! - Thanks from all of us for your continued understanding of the situation that we are in, although the feedback from you guys, our customers, is that the yard seems to run just as well without me as it does with me, a credit to Nicko, Dave and the crew. Emily has had a really tough ten days and as well as battling all the effects of her third cycle of Chemo she has also contracted MRSA and some sort of fungal infection. She's battling through but is now thoroughly bored of the whole thing and just wants to come home and do normal stuff.

As I mentioned above, the yard seems to be running well and a busy kick off at Easter gave you guys a great start to your season with most people leaving after the Easter break raving about the conditions out on the water. We have tried to capture some of the great weather on our Twitter feed at the top of the homepage which is a great way to keep up with things at the yard so follow @timboatyard to get the full picture!

Thats all for now, and remember that the best way to contact Tim is still by email.

Thanks again for all your kind words, they mean the world to us!

17th February 2015

Many of you may know that Mrs Boatyard, Emily, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia last month and has been undergoing a course of treatment at Ysbyty Gwynedd since the 19th January. This has left Tim looking after Phoebe and as such he hasn't been into work too much recently. Nicko and Dave are busy getting things sorted for the upcoming season and if you've got a caravan with us it will be back on site when you need it however they don't always have time to answer the phone in between cups of tea and pie eating so the most reliable way to get hold of us at the moment is to drop an email to Tim. He will answer these within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience at this difficult time.

13th January 2015

Back to it! - Happy New Year to you all, it's been a busy time here at the moment. We are back at work now and dealing with lots of great enquiries for the forthcoming season here at the Boatyard. As well as this we are continuing to develop the radio sailing side of the business which keeps us more than a little occupied during the winter months. All the big boats are tucked away in our undercover storage shed and the tractors are getting a well earned rest and a some much needed maintenance over the winter months.

We are planning to commence our 2015 P&L season on the 28th March, we have some big tides the week before and with these coinciding with the spring equinox it seems sensible to leave the boats where they are until these have passed! We also realise that this might be the Easter holidays for some of you so if you know you want your boat out for that weekend please let us know.


25th September

Another month has passed and things have really started to quieten down here at the yard. The weather has been pretty good for September and the village has continued to be busy. We have started to implement our servicing, winterisation and storage plan with the yard starting to get a little emptier as boats migrate slightly West for the winter months! Our undercover storage is now fully booked for the winter months. If you need your boat or jetski serviced and winterised we still have some availability so give us a shout on 01758 713900 for a quote. If you have a boat in the yard and you know you have finished with it for the season please let us know and we'll get it sorted for winter for you.

24th August

WOWSERS! - I hadn't realised that it was such a long time since I had written any news but it seems to be nearly 7 weeks. I suppose it gives you some idea of how busy we have been here at the yard. The weather decided to take a turn for the cooler during the second week of August and we have continued to have a much cooler NW airflow since then which hasn't really put anyone off going boating but it has felt more like April than August out there. We had the Glassbutter Harbour Project take place in the harbour which was a great spectacle when the tide came in.....eventually, lots of people watching and a great atmosphere. Nicko and Dave are a year older after celebrating their birthdays and here we are rapidly approaching the end of August. Remember that if you need your boat winterising or servicing we can sort that for you, just give Tim a call on 01758 713900.

4th July

We've had a busy old time of it recently, the weather has been pretty good, the sea has been pretty flat and the yard has been pretty busy. We have recently invested in some diagnostic equipment which allows us to plug your boat in and find out what is wrong with it. It is based on the manufacturers diagnostic software and is compatible with Mercury Outboards including Verado and Optimax, Mercruiser Inboards up to and including the latest fuel injection generation, Indmar (Mastercraft), PCM (Nautique) as well as Volvo petrol inboards up to and including the current fuel injection generation. We can also diagnose and repair Seadoo Jetskis and have dedicated software for Yamaha Outboards. So if your boat or ski needs a service light turning off or needs a problem fixing we can now offer you an even better service than we could before! Give Tim a call on 01758 713900 for more details or to book your boat or ski in.

22nd May

Wherehouse? - Not a local site but if you are looking for a new home or rental property in and around North and West Yorkshire or the Yorkshire Dales then give these guys a call, they are good friends of ours and offer a proper bespoke service to home buyers based on good old fashioned values and years of industry experience. Take a look at their website by clicking here.

12th May 2014

After six years with us Huw has left the yard to take a full time position with North Wales Fire & Rescue Service. Whilst we are sad to see him go we wish him every success in his new post and you never know he might do the odd weekend on the tractor to keep his eye in! Good luck Huw! Finding a replacement for him wasn't an easy task as Huw was a very versatile sort of a chap, however we have found a suitable candidate, local lad Dave Jones, who started a week or so ago. Dave is very handy with the spanners and has much experience of the marine industry both locally and in the real world! We'll get some info up on him on our "about" page as soon as we can.

27th April 2014

Easter - Wow, that was a busy one! Not exactly our busiest ever but a welcome return to some settled weather and some boating for those that made it down. The village buzzed, people broke takings records, people smiled a lot and lots of people went boating. We are pretty much full now for the season but we may be able to accomodate you offsite, give us a call on 01758 713900 to discuss your requirements. We are now looking forward to the next bank holiday which is just a week away! Don't forget to check out The Timcast for the upcoming weekend weather.

28th March 2014

We are open for launching. If you've got a boat with us and you fancy going boating why not hotfoot it down to the yard and get your boat on the water! If you haven't yet asked us to dewint your boat we will not have done so unless you are on our fantastic TBM package in which case it is ready to go! Here's to more great weather like last year.

13th February 2014

Well the only word for yesterdays storm is "epic", some of the locals have not seen weather like it in living memory, on my way to work this morning I counted as many as 15 trees down with some obstructing the road. The weather today is nice by comparison, still quite windy but nothing on the scale of yesterday. Tomorrow, Friday looks interesting again but again not on the scale of yesterday.The yard and boats within are all fine, the offsite sheds are fine too so fingers crossed we've seen the worst of the weather...for this week!

18th December 2013

Merry Christmas - we are done here for this year, all the boats are now tucked away and serviced, the yard is looking good and tidy, the tractors are in the shed being prodded for next season so we are all off for some well earned R&R over the festive period. To all our customers we would like to thank you for supporting us for another year, which has been one of our busiest since we took over. Next year sees a real milestone for us, having been here at the yard for ten years. We should really plan a big party and we probably will but in the meantime please have a very Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year. Now for the boring bit, the office will be closed now until 8th January, however if you need to contact Tim just drop him an email and he'll get back to you.

3rd December 2013

Not much to report really, 99% of the boats are now winterised and tucked away for the winter months. Now that is out of the way we are turning our attention to the tractors which ae due an extra dose of loving this winter after working hard this summer. The yard is still open four or five days a week although the office is sometimes shut, however emails are checked on a regular basis.

12th October 2013

As Tim will probably spend a little less time at the yard over the winter months he has installed a Twitter Feed on the homepage which he will update whenever he gets a chance, hopefully a few times a week. That way you can see what he gets up to and where he ends up over the winter. Don't forget to follow him for updates too!

10th October 2013

Seasons End - Well this is it, our last weekend of Park & Launch for 2013. If you haven't already let us know what you are doing with your boat please contact us and we'll get it done for you. We can offer undercover storage at great rates and competitive service and winterisation packages as well as our legendary TBM service.

26th September 2013

The yard has been significantly quieter this month than the previous couple. The weather has still been great and the sea has been flat and we have had a few boats out but it does seem that the Abersoch season is starting to draw to a close once again. With this in mind if you have finished with your boat and would like it servicing, winterising or storaing then please get in touch with us on 01758 713900 or send us an email. Our Park & Launch season finishes on the 13th October and from then on we will be busy until nearly Christmas servicing and storing boats so if you know you want your boat done book early to avoid disappointment!

1st September 2013

Wowzers what a busy month that was! Between boatyard and baby stuff Tim has been pretty busy although he did manage a trip to Fleetwood with his RC Laser to go racing. I did promise a piccy or two of Phoebe some time ago, however we got busy so here it is now. Clicky the piccy and it will become bigger!

1st August 2013

All is now well at Boatyard HQ, apart from the weather which appears to be a bit broken at the moment. The temperature is still in the mid to high teens but the weather itself is more like autumn than August but hey ho it is giving us a bit of catchup time from the last 8 weeks of solid sunshine we have had. Phoebe and Emily are doing great too, Pheebs is now nearly 8lb which is amazing and Em is making great progress and should be allowed out behind the wheel before too long.

18th July 2013

Well we are starting to return to normality now here at the yard after a bit of a fraught ten days. After giving birth naturally Emily had some life threatening complications that beset only 5% of women. After an extended stay in Bangor for ten days we were very pleased to get them home last night which is a great relief for us all. The yard has run well without Tim at the helm however he will be spending more time at the yard from now on in so the great service you have had from Huw & Nicko will be ruined by him I'm sure! Again many thanks for your patience throughout this difficult time for Tim and his new family. We will post some pictures soon enough.

7th July 2013

Welcome to the world Phoebe Grace Rooke-Long. As you may know Tim and his wife Emily were expecting on the 10th of August, however just to be different they spent a very long day in Bangor today and with few complications are proud to announce the arrival of Phoebe Grace at 11.58am weighing in at 5lb, 14oz. Mother and baby are both now doing well. There have been a few complications along the way which does mean that the office will be closed for a few days, however the yard will be open as usual and the phone should be answered.

10th June 2013

Grand Day Out - Those of you that know me will know that I have a bit of a fetish for the British Touring Car Championship and have done for a good few years now. The latest round was held at Oulton Park and I was invited as a guest of the Speedworks Motorsport Team who run two cars in the BTCC. I had an amazing day out, got to walk the grid for the three races and met some really great people. Here is a piccy of my last race grid walk stood in front of one of the Speedworks cars..... As with all our news images now it is a clickable one.

1st June 2013

Race Day, Makers Market and Sad Times - Well, the Abersoch 10k has started and probably finished by now and the monthly Makers Market is well underway for today. Mid way through the 10k the big yellow bird appeared overhead which is always a great sight. Luckily no one from the 10K was having problems. It will however be a very sad day when these old girls are retired and the SAR service is privatised. Luckily I managed to get a photo of todays sortie and if you click on the image it will fill your screen!

30th May 2013

New Links - We have added a few new links on our links page. They are the Llanbedrog information site, like the Abersoch one there is a whole heap of useful info and history on there, a good site to look at with a cup of tea and a biscuit or two. The other link is for the Wern Fawr holiday "complex" for want of a better word, 5 self catering cottages and top quality B&B. The final new link is for another holiday cottage rental. Set on the side of Rhiw overlooking Llangwnadl and the Irish Sea it is a fantastic 2 bedroom cottage with great facilities and outdoor area. It belongs to my in laws so be nice when you're there and they might dish some dirt on me! Clicky here for the links page.

29th May 2013

Earthquake! - No really, we had an earthquake here this morning there is lots of info about it all over the interweb. All the boats in the yard are safe and sound, although there was some damage in the Boatyard HQ garden. Clicky here to see the damage.

7th May 2013

Dragon Force - No not the North Korean Army but a new model yacht! We have been waiting for this great little boat for over a year now and we are quite excited about it's arrival. for more details click here.

6th May 2013

Safety first, safety second and safety third - I'm not one for banging on about safety on boats but one thing you really should be wearing is your killcord. As you'll probably have seen there was an incident in Padstow yesterday where two people were killed and four others seriously injured because the driver was not wearing his killcord. Read the story here. Also this weekend our Abersoch RNLI boys were involved in a pretty hairy rescue round at Porth Ceiriad, check out the photos and video here.

4th May 2013

Happy Star Wars Day! our bank holiday weekend has dawned bright after some overnight rain. It looks nice on the water...GO BOATING!

20th April 2013

We don't do daily photos, too many people do, but if you can imagine flat water, blue sky light breeze you'd be somewhere near. I'm in shorts as well!. GO BOATING!

19th April 2013

Looking like a sunny old day today, definitely a "GO BOATING" day. There should be another similar day tomorrow when temperatures should reach double figures. Get down here and GO BOATING!

10th April 2013

A rare break from the Easterly breeze today, some calm water and a few people venturing out to "Go Boating".

29th March 2013

Happy Easter! - Not ideal for boating but the sun is shining and the sky is blue! If you are down for the first time this year pop in and say hi, we are now open seven days a week until October!

21st March 2013

We are a couple of days away from our first weekend of Park & Launch, we still have some spaces available for discerning customers who currently have their boats elsewhere. The Timcast has returned this morning for its first outing of 2013, well worth a look as it also contains essential travel info this week!

5th March 2013

A whole month since we have updated the site, but it has been a busy month with one thing and another. We are now in the run up to Easter and we should have a few spare Park & Launch spaces for the 2013 season if you fancy putting your boat in the best, most hassle free yard in the area. For those of you who have already seen the light and have your boat with us please let us know if you'd like it ready for Easter so we can make sure you aren't disappointed when the sun is shining! Give Tim a call on 01758 713900 or drop him an email

5th February 2013

Office open as usual - Everything is back to normal and running like clockwork! We are nearly done with tractors and are busy planning our new season, there will be some announcements of dates for the 2013 season to follow shortly.

29th January 2013

Office Closed for a few days - Tim is having a little trip away from tomorrow (30th Jan) until Tuesday next week (5th Feb) so the office will be closed and unusually Tim will not have his computer with him so Emails will not be answered either. The yard will be oen as usual so if it is urgent please pop in.

22nd January 2013

Boatshow a success - After 9 days on the microphone looking after the model yachting pool Tim has now returned back to the bubble and is enjoying a more relaxed pace of life again. Over the show we had more than 4000 people who tried model yachting, with over 420 races taking place on the pool. A good show for us as we made some good contacts and saw some old friends. Overall the show was (up to Friday) 3% down on attendance, we reckon Saturday was up and Sunday was down so it will probably even itself out overall. A much more compact show now it is just in one hall but a good one all the same.

11th January 2013

London Boatshow - Tim will be attending the London Boatshow from Sunday to Thursday so the office will be shut, however the yard will remain open. The best way to get in touch during this time is to drop Tim an email which he will check when he can. If you are going the the boatshow pop over and say hi to Tim who will be looking after the try a boat model yachting pool as part of his role as Publicity Officer for the MYA.

7th January 2013

We're back!! - After a relaxing Christmas and New Year Abersoch Boatyard Services is back for 2013! Easter is early this year at the end of March and we'll have a few things planned over the season including a trip over to Ireland for a pint or two of Guinness! Let us know if there is anything you'd like us to organise this season and we'll see what we can do. Here's hoping that the weather plays ball and we all have a great season.

17th December 2012

Well thats us for the year!, we will be closing the boatyard from 18th December until 9th January, Tim will be in and out of the office and Emails will be checked so if you need to get in touch please do so in the usual way, which leaves me to wish you all a fantastically Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. If you are around over the festive period we may well see you in a local hostelry! Over & out!

15 November 2012

We are now 95% through our winterisation and servicing program with only a few boats left to attend to. If you haven't instructed us please be aware that we will not touch your boat and it may cause you issue in the new season. Those on TBM were completed by late October.

31 October 2012

If you have asked for your caravan to be stored with us just a quick note to let you know that by close of play today it will be tucked up in a nice warm shed for the winter months. We still have spaces available for boats, tractors, Land Rovers and anything else on wheels that you don't want to leave outside over the winter. Give us a call, we are pretty competitive on price too!

25th October 2012

We are well into our winterisation and storage programme now but we still have slots available for servicing, winterising and undercover storage. If you need anything doing please give us a call on 01758 713900 or drop Tim an email.

12th October 2012

This weekend is the last of our Park & Launch season, the weather doesn't look too bad for a last blast around the bay so get down here!

25th September 2012

The office will be shut from lunchtime on Wednesday 26th September until Tuesday 2nd October. Please leave a message on the ansafone or drop us an email. The yard will still be open and Park & Launch will be running as usual.

20th September 2012

Timcast Email. I can only imagine the look of horror on your faces when you don't get todays Timcast. We have had some computer trauma this week and have had to reset the computer to ground zero again which means we have lost everyones email addresses. If you would like to recieve The Timcast drop us an email here and we'll add you to our list. Don't fret there is a Timcast for this weekend but after this there will only be another three before the end of our season.

10th September 2012

Another excellent endorsement for our boatyard can be found on our WOCT page here.

30th August 2012

Record Web Month - Our new website has been live now for quite a few months and we have been enjoying a steady growth in our web traffic over that time. Whilst we will never see quite as much traffic as the likes of the Abersoch specific sites we are pleased to have reached over 10,000 individual page views during the month of August which gives us a total of more than 65,000 page views since we went live. If you still work in "hits" that is over 170,000, wow big numbers! For you guys who visit us on a regular basis thanks a million and we hope you enjoy the updates, if you have friends that have boating requirements drop them our web address and we can boost our figures even more!

27th August 2012

A day of contrast - After launching and recovering more boats than you can shake a stick at yesterday it looks like we will be having an easier day today. he rain is lashing down outside and the wind is gusting to nearly 41mph. A good day to be indoors.

26th August 2012

Busy Day - Hoorah, a busy day at last, the sun is shining and we currently have 38 boats on the water which might just be a record. Just as quickly as they went out they are all back in now, but it seems that the majority of the UK hasn't had such a nice day. Hey ho, sometimes Abersoch is the place to be.

20th August 2012

New Lifeboat arrives at Porth Dinllaen - The John D Spicer is well on its way to reaching its new home just around the corner from us here in Abersoch. The all new Tamar will provide excellent flank cover for the Abersoch RNLI and it will allow the guys at PY to cover their area much faster than their old boat. We sent out a crack team of photographers disguised as dolphins to get up close to the new boat.

John D Spicer at anchor at Porth Ceriad

The Abersoch crew get a good look around the new Porth Dinllaen Lifeboat

20th August 2012

Keelover Week begins - A great start to Keelboat week with some nice breeze and a bit of sunshine. Happy yachting!

13 August 2012

Well we had a great run of weather last week which, combined with excellently accurate Timcasts, allowed us to do over 100 launches. It was a bit of a shock to the system and looking back on previous years it was at least 40% up for that week. Even Tim had to drive a tractor but its ok it didn't break down or catch fire and you'll be pleased to know he is back in the shed now building an RG65 to be sent to an event in France.

18th July 2012

No news is good news......sort of! Well we are all still here, we haven't been washed or blown away and it looks like there might be an end to the monotony of wind and rain with some potentially settled weather on its way. From mid next week it could be that we start to see a change to something that resembles summer as the Jet stream moves North of the UK and begins to drag some warm air up from the continent. I'm not holding my breath but I have got everything crossed!

7th July 2012

Well Wakestock kicked off amid fears that the whole thing might be washed into the sea, but all is well. Wakestock is NOT cancelled. We were minding our own business this afternoon when this happened. Not often we see them that close up. They do good work, donate money!

1st July 2012

Well this is it, the summer kicks off here, we've got Wakestock in a week followed by the Glassbutter Beach event and these events are intermingled with loads of events at SCYC, Laser nationals, Keelover week so there will be plenty going on on the water. I reckon the weather might even perk up a bit too which will mean boating becomes even more pleasant!

27th June 2012

Just give! - Remember the Jubilee Timcast where we were underwater and I asked you to give a tenner to my mate Darren and his loopy mates who are doing the three peaks challenge? Well they have set off, as we speak they should be somewhere up Ben Nevis. Good luck to them and we'll see them in Abersoch on Friday evening. Clicky here to donate some cash.

20th June 2012

Interrupted Service - Well what a weird day that was, got to work no electricity, no problem I'll call the elctric people, oh wait I can't there is no booster for the aerial so no mobile signal. No matter I'll have a coffee, nope, no kettle. I'll nip to the Deli and grab a coffee, nope, closed. I counted more than 11 closed businesses today, somewhat less than ideal. We however powered through using diesel tractors and launched and recovered a few boats without issue! So, if you were trying to get hold of us today we have been about, but you just couldn't get hold of us!

18th June 2012

Need somewhere to stay, try Cae'r Engan in Sarn Bach just 1 mile from Abersoch. Owned and managed by our very own Huw Hughes it is a stunning house with every possible gadget you could want or need as well as having off road parking for cars and boats, a great garden and patio area and loads more besides. Well worth a visit to his website if you are looking for a holiday home to rent in Abersoch. Check out the Cae'r Engan website here. There is also a link on the links page too.

27th May 2012

Woweee its a belter - What a fantastic run of weather we are having, temperatures are nearing 30 degrees the sky is blue what more could you want? Maybe a bit of a flatter sea might be nice, but it looks like the wind is dropping out as Sunday goes on and it should give us a stunning afternoon on the water. what are you waiting for, get out there!

22nd May 2012

Every other site based in Abersoch was sent some photos of dolphins last week which was lovely to see, but I might remind you that we were the first with the dolphins this year way back in March. Not to be outdone one of our customers has alerted us to his dolphin video which he took a week or so ago whilst coming back towards Abersoch after a fishing trip on his boat. I'd say this one is better than our original dolphin video. Thanks Chris! Clicky here to watch more dolphins

17th May 2012

Over the last week or two we have been busy building a new boat for Bear Grylls, it is a Sealegs amphibious rib and can be launched and retreived using its own hydraulic wheels. We've been out and watertested it and can confirm that it is quite a nice boat and it looks pretty mean with grey tubes and grey Yamaha F115 outboard. Clicky here to take a look at the build as it happened.

11th May 2012

Timcasting takes off - it looks like everyone is having a go at Timcasting these days. It appears that this chap has a little more of a pro setup than me though, perhaps I should see if he'll come and help me out......clicky here

3rd May 2012

Two entries in a day - The BBC news website have reported a rise in the number of Welsh beaches offering "Excellent bathing water" We are pleased to report that Porth Neigwl is a new addition. If you don't go boating this weekend why not shoehorn yourself into a wetsuit and grab a surfboard and go for a splash about! Clicky here for the full article.

3rd May 2012

Cake! In my post below I mentioned that there was a very nice young lady who has started making cakes for parties and events. It seems that she was quite impressed with the fact that we popped a link on our website for her. Look what she made us! Clicky here to find out what we were gifted this morning. I have also updated our links page with our local Land Rover dealer..........fingers crossed for a new Defender next week.......

26th April 2012

New links on the links page. A couple of new links for the page, including the new Abersoch based website which will keep you up to date with everything that goes on in Abersoch and surrounding area. It is run by the same peeps who put Sensation Magazine together and it has The Timcast on there too so it's bound to be good! The second site is aimed at promoting and organising responsible jetski use throughout Gwynedd & Anglesey, there is quite a bit of useful info on there about registering your ski with the council, where to launch plus loads of other great info. There is also a link to a nice young lady who makes amazing cakes for every occasion, not that there needs to be an occasion for cake! Hop over to our links page now and check them out.

20th April 2012

Dull week, it's been a dull week here, the weather hasn't been fantastic and we've bearly seen anyone here at the yard and we haven't launched a single boat. Still, those of you on TBM will be pleased to read that we are valeting your boats ready for your next visit so they will be super shiny and clean! The weather doesn't look like it'll be up to much this weekend either, but if you are down you can get out boating if you wrap up warm! Check out The Timcast for more details

10th April 2012

We've updated our links page with a few new websites, and our For Sale page now has a few more boats on it, take a look, there might be something interesting on there!

6th April 2012

Happy Easter from all of us at Abersoch Boatyard Services Ltd. If you are in Abersoch pop in and say hi, if not enjoy the picture of the three of us all done up for Easter!


5th April 2012

bbbbbrrrrrrrrrr it's gone chilly! Well after a spell of really settled weather during late March we have seen temperatures plummet and winds increase over the early part of this week. Mynytho had snow and it was jolly windy on Wednesday and it certainly wasn't a boating day. The new Easter Timcast is online now and can be viewed by clicking the Timcast tab in the menu. If I could add one thing to The Timcast it would be wrap up warm whatever you do this weekend, it could be a chilly one!

2nd April 2012

We have been busy this weekend getting a good number of small outboards serviced up and ready for the season. If you haven't already thought about doing this please give us a call and we'll schedule in a quick once over and an oil change for you baby motor. As a special Easter deal if you book your service before the 15th April we'll give you 10% off the servicing cost. Only small outboards between 2 - 15hp need apply!

26th March 2012

Fabulous Weekend - Well our first weekend of Park & Launch went without a hitch, our tractors and staff were excellent as usual and everyones boats worked as they should have, apart from one. We had a good number of our new customers taking to the water for the first time from the yard and we hope that you all enjoyed your time on the water. It looks like the superb weather we are having might continue through the week, so there will be plenty more opportunity to take to the water.

21st March 2012

DOLPHINS!! We have recieved some footage this morning from Bryn at Abersoch Moorings who took some video of the Dolphins in the bay this morning. They seem to be enjoying the bow wave made by the Seatruck which is used to lay moorings in the bay. Does this mean that it is officially summer now? Check out the youtube video Tim has made here

19th March 2012

Park & Launch.

Well it's nearly here, less than a week to go. We are all primed and ready for action. If you still haven't seen the light please give Tim a call to discuss moving your boat to the best and most hassle free Park & Launch Service in Abersoch and Pwllheli. Don't believe my sales patter take a look here at what my customers have to say about the services we offer. Then give Tim a know you want to!!

14th March 2012

Engine running and RC Laser report

It was too chilly yesterday to put any more hours on the new rib, however we have been out today with our Yamaha man who reckons we've done a grand job, which is nice. Having put an hour and a bit on both engines we opened the taps a little and managed a very exciting 67mph. With no trim on the engines or trim tabs touched we reckon we might just see 70mph at a push, but you'd have to hang on and at that speed the engines will be chewing through 100 litres an hour.........each!

The UKRCLA have posted their report on the racing that Tim was involved with at the weekend, take a look at it here. Can you spot Tim in the photos?

12th March 2012

Well we've been out on the water this afternoon watertesting the new rib we have been building. We are currently running it in at slow speeds and all is well. Check out a couple of pictures here. Tim does report however that it is slightly too cold for shorts out on the water!!

11th March 2012

RC Laser Racing - Tim went to Nottinghamshire this weekend to race in the first National travellers trophy races of 2012. There were 12 skippers and with a mix of conditions through the day the A, B and C rigs were used there were more races than Tim can remember, but he did score a win in one race which he was quite pleased about. At the end of the days racing, and Tim's first racing against skippers from outside Abersoch, he finished a very creditable third. The next TT is on Tims old stomping ground in Keighley in April.

5th March 2012

Dinghy Show Report - After a reasonable drive back from London last night, Tim has now written a report on the MYA stand at the dinghy show. It can be viewed here

3rd March 2012

Dinghy Show On! - Well Tim arrived a little earlier than expected at Ally Pally and had his RC Laser set up and ready for action well before any of the stands around the MYA one had even been built. Saturday saw the show open and there were many visitors to the MYA stand including a couple of Abersoch visitors! Here is a picture of a lonely looking RC Laser ready for the show. More pictures and a full report on Monday.

1st March 2012

How's your day working out? We hope it's going well. Our day has gone well so far and we have dangled two 300hp Yamaha outboards on the back of a spangly new rib which we are completing for a customer. As you can see from the photo Tim is quite pleased and for once feels quite small next to these 4.2 litre 24valve V6 engines! Keep checking back as we'll be water testing the boat next week.


28th February 2012

SCYCRCLC goes live!! Our RC Laser pages have changed a little this week. We have been affiliated to the MYA and are now a recognised club which is good news. As such we have integrated a website for SCYCRCLC within our Abersoch Boatyard Services website. It will take a short while to populate the site with information but give us a week or two....Click here for the SCYCRCLC pages. We have also moved the racing and race report pages to the new area as they are more club oriented than business.


25th February 2012

Video news, Well we've had our youtube page now for about a month and in that time our three videos have seen over 200 views. Not quite as viral as Fenton the dog I'm sure you'll agree, however not bad. We'll be adding some more videos once our season begins, but in the meantime here is our Youtube channel.


22nd February 2012

Park & Launch a go go!

Well we have 5 weeks until we crank up our newly fettled tractors for the 2012 Park & Launch season. We are hoping that the season will bring some great boating weather too so that everyone can get out on their boats more than last season. If you still haven't seen the light and you are getting your boat launched elsewhere, give us a call or drop us an email and we'll get you booked on to the yard for 2012. Take a look at our Park & Launch page for more details


14th February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

As well as being a day for buying pointless rubbish for your loved one and generally being too soppy for your own good today will be remembered as the day we launched our For Sale page on the website.

It's a pretty self explanatory page, you want to sell something down here in Abersoch and we can advertise it for you. We'll probably have more success advertising boaty type stuff, but if you need to sell you patio heater or even a bbq, send us some details and we'll stick it on the page of you!


9th February 2012

A Boatshow, of sorts!

Having had some success with the RC Lasers Tim has now taken it upon himself to promote the class to a wider audience. With this in mind Tim and his bucket of enthusiasm will be helping out on the MYA stand at The Dinghy Show at Ally Pally on 3rd & 4th March.

The MYA is much like the RYA but for model yachts and has over 2000 members in more than 100 clubs accross the UK. We hope to promote not only the RC Laser that we love so much, but also the other classes sailed under the MYA umbrella. If you're in town pop along and say hello!


7th February 2012

Something Serious

Check out this story on the BBC News website, it's about how much time our Welsh RNLI crews spent on the water last year. Nearly 7000 hours on actual rescues, but added to that there was over 19,000 hours of training. If you aren't a member of the RNLI and you own a boat, you should be ashamed, it's not expensive to join and you never know when you'll need the boys from the Abersoch station. Join here.


1 February 2012

We now have lots of RC Laser stock, which is selling well, so we have updated the Buy an RC Laser page. We also now have a featured product for February which is on the Spares & Accessories page.


31 January 2012

Another video and some different photos. We have updated the RC Laser Gallery with a new video, which is a proper video, filmed on the water, and some recent photos.

Don't forget to check the Timcast for the latest up to date weather in Abersoch, it's updated daily and a more detailed boating Timcast will be back once the season starts.


30 January 2012

Well that was definitely a weekend of two halves, Saturday was the calmest day we've seen in quite some time down here. Tim, Mrs Boatyard and Boatyard Dog decided it would be nice to go for a stroll over Llanbedrog Headland which is just a short walk from Boatyard HQ. Tim thought it might be nice to take his camera, and he managed to take some lovely shots which are shown below.

Sunday was a terrible day, Tim was up early to go and do some toy boating in the rain. Once that was done it was a quick trip to Holyhead to collect a new BBQ for Boatyard HQ. On the journey there was snow, hail, rain and fog, none of which make for a pleasant journey.





21 January 2012

Now with added videos! - Tim has found out that it is actually quite easy to make a video on his computer and has added a couple of home made efforts to the site.

There is one on the RC Laser Gallery page, one on the Park & Launch page and some great Ocean Kayak video brochures on the Ocean Kayak page. Tim can't take credit for the Ocean Kayak videos, they were produced by our rep Justin, who also did the photos for the RC Laser video. He's a helpful chap!

18 January 2012

Website progress - We are motoring along with the website as quickly as Tims tubby little fingers will allow us and have completed all our RC Laser pages. We have also added pages which detail our Park & Launch Service, Total Boat Management, our superb undercover storage facility and finally a page for the Ocean Kayak sit on top kayaks we supply in Abersoch.

Click any of the links to take a look at the page. There's more to come over the next week or so, so keep checking back

16 January 2012

Its been a cold start to the week today. The temperature at Boatyard HQ was getting on for -2 degrees when we arrived for work. Annoyingly it is colder inside the shed than it is outside. Outside jobs it is today then! Hope you are all having a good day too, even though it is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.

12 January 2012

Awesome sunset. I think we might be in for a chilly night tonight. We have had quite a nice day here today, although it started poorly and improved mid morning and turned into a sunny light wind afternoon. Some RC Laser racing took place in the outer harbour this morning in quite breezy conditions.

Check out the sunset below, and if I've worked out how to do it properly you should be able to click on the thumbnail to see a bigger picture. Fingers crossed!


9th January 2012

We're back!

We have all had a great Christmas and New Year break, Santa brought us some excellent gifts, Tim got a pair of socks, Huw recieved some hankerchiefs and Nicko got a new set of furry dice for his car.

We are all ready for the season and as I write this a tratcor is being prodded in the next shed.

If we can help you with anything boatyard related, no matter what, give us a call on 01758 713900 or drop Tim an Email and see how we can help.

We also hope you are enjoying our new website, it's coming together slowly, mainly due to Tim's sausage like fingers, but we are making progress and hope to have the majority of the new site up and running before the end of the month.

If there is anything you'd like to see on the site that we might have forgotten please drop us a line.

4th January 2012

Happy New Year!

We are still plodding along sorting the new website out, but while you are waiting, why not check out our new RC Laser page.

They are great fun and cheap to run with no launching or storage fees!!

Give one a try, click here for details


16th December 2011



We are now closed for the festive period and will reopen on Monday 9th January. Merry Christmas to all our customers both past and present and a very happy new year to you all!


9th December 2011

Our new website is taking shape and should be online soon. If you need to contact us in the meantime please click on the contact link in the menu.







If you would like further information on anything boatyard related please either give us a call on 01758 713900 or email Tim.



Latest News

22nd April 2021 - Well that was great. We saw around 40 boats on the water for our first week of Park & Launch in Abersoch. Blue skies were the order of the day and although it was quite chilly on the water it was great to see so many smiling faces return to the yard. We are now working on getting the rest of the boats ready for Mayday weekend, the first Abersoch Banky of the year! Hopefully the weather will play ball.

31st March 2021 - We reckon you'll be boating in Abersoch before too long. We are hoping to open our Park and Launch service in Abersoch on the 12th April 2021......we'll see you there for beers and boating!


11th March 2021 - When? Well we'd like to be open again from the 12th April which would be lovely. Whatever happens we will unfortunatley miss Easter 2021 due to lack of guidance from the Welsh First Minister and the stay local message which will be in place in England. We will be getting boats ready for the season over the next month so that as soon as you guys get the green light to be here we will be ready with boats and tractors to get you on the water. In the meantime, stay safe.