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Dragonforce 65 Spares, Parts & Accessories @ Abersoch Boatyard Services

Please find below our pricing for the spares and accessories to suit your new Dragonforce 65.

Looking for a new suit of sails for your boat, click here.

Fancy changing the colour of your DF65 in just 5 minutes?, click here

There is also a list of "extra" bits that you might need if you are competing with your DF65. It is at the bottom of the page.

Most of the items below are now in stock, if you need something for your Dragonforce, just drop Tim an Email Thanks!

Number Description Price
9G Metal gear rudder servo
Tx & RX set
Switch and rubber cover
Bare Hull - White
Keel with screws
Zinc alloy ballast
Fin box & mast fitting
Plywood servo tray
Servo to rudder pushrod & rubber bellow
12 M
Tiller arm set, metal
Bow Bumper (Pack of 2)
Sheeting pulley block
Sheeting elastic - 1m
Soch Sails Deck Patch Set
Winch servo set
Dyneema cord - 5m
Winch line rubber cap (Pack or 2)
Mainsheet metal ring (Pack of 2)
Standard mast set
Standard sails (main & jib)
Jib boom and fitting
Main boom kicker assembly & fitting
Masthead fitting
Bowsies (Pack of 10)
Silicone tube - 6cm
Deck eyes (Pack of 10)
Mainsail luff rings (Pack of 10)
Battery charger, all singing & dancing!
Dragon Force Kit
800mAh AAA 6v eneloop battery pack*
A, B or C rig kit - mast, boom, jib boom, masthead kit, bowsies & cord
Rig Bag, 3 pockets to fit A, B & C rigs
Soch Sails Deck Patch Set - oversized.**
Soch Sails Battery Hatch Set - oversized
Battery charger, simple plug & play delta peak charger.
Gooseneck Bearings, set of 2
Dragon Force kit supplied without radio
New metal kicker, retrofit to earlier boats
Jib counterbalance weights, pack of 4
Hull & deck sticker set

* The battery pack comes complete with an extension lead and velcro to relocate it to the mast box.

** Deck Patch set pictures below. We supply an A5 sheet with one large deck patch, four battery hatch patches and eight bung hole patches. Colours as per corner patches for our "Soch Sails"

*** - £12.00 includes p&p to a UK mainland address. For Overseas orders the sets cost £10 plus p&p to your location.

So What Else Might I Need?

There has been some debate about whether or not the actual cost of £150 for a DF65 is accurate in getting you competing. Lets look at the options.

Option 1 - Club racing - I'm going to take Birkenhead MYPBC as an example here, there are a number of members (15+) that have established a fleet of DF65's at the club and they have decided that they will allow use of an A rig and a B rig only but they have allowed aftermarket sails. If it is windy enough for a C rig they'll chat and drink coffee which suits them down to the ground! They have allowed radio gear to be changed and other mods to be done in accordance with the DF65 class rules.

Total cost - Boat, A & B suit, B rig kit. - £229.00

Option 2 - The Full Monty - If like me you fancy mixing it with the big guns of the RG65 fleet then you are going to need the C rig on top of the A & B rigs.

Total cost - as option 1 + C rig kit & Sails - £282.00

I have not included the cost of rechargeable battery packs or up specced radio gear in these costings, but as a rough guide you should have two battery packs (£16 each from us). If you want to upgrade the radio gear then you can spend from about £50 upwards. You might want some rig bags (£5 each for A, B & C from us) and perhaps a few other trinkets to have about you but you won't need much.

The above costings are based on the Soch Sails that we manufacture and supply.

Option 3 - Lets say you are completely new to the sport of Radio Sailing and want to go the full monty, change radio gear etc, with your first boat then what will your cost be ? I'll base this cost on what I sailed with at the Nationals.

Boat (without radio gear) - £135.00

B & C Rig kits - £60.00

A, B & C suits from Graphite - £105.00

2 x Battery Packs - £32.00

New radio gear (Futaba T6J) inc rx - £150.00

Total cost - £482.00

I placed fifth in the 2013 Dragon Force Nationals, more down to my sailing ability than my choice of equipment! This was only my second twin sail event having usually sailed an RC Laser I found there was much more tuning to be done with the DF65.

As mentioned radio gear is available from around £50 so you could take £100 off the price of my boat straight from the get go and be at £382.00.

Option 4 - You buy the boat and two extra rig kits (£150 + £60) and then you spend £40 on some materials and you have a go at making your own sails. The rules say you can and that would get you a fully kitted boat with all three rigs for £250.00

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23rd July 2016

We've been a bit slack with the website recently with quite a bit going on both at the boatyard and with the model yachting side of the business. The yard has been busy with the weather playing ball to some extent and we've had lots of smiley customers making the most of their boats. The model yachting side of the business has continued to grow and it is keeping Tim busy. Emily is making great progress too with her next visit to Hospital scheduled for October. Phoebe is now three and will probably be working at the yard in the next year or two!

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