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Model Yachting News - Updated 29/03

RC Laser Stuff

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RC Laser info

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RC Laser Spec

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Spares, Parts & Accessories

Braid Upgrade Kit Instructions

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DF65 Stuff

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Dragonforce 65

Class Rules

Dragonforce 65 Spares, Parts & Accessories

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Dragonforce 65 Instruction Manual

We have decided to "Facebook" it up and have started a page for our Model Yacht Division, sounds grand but it's just a facebook page. Clicky the magic "F" to take a look.

Dragonforce 65 Spares, Parts & Accessories @ Abersoch Boatyard Services

Please find below our pricing for the spares and accessories to suit your new Dragonforce 65.

There is also a list of "extra" bits that you might need if you are competing with your DF65. It is at the bottom of the page.

Most of the items below are now in stock, if you need something for your Dragonforce, just drop Tim an Email Thanks!

We hope to add other sails and rigs as they arrive.

Number Description Price
9G Metal gear rudder servo
Tx & RX set
Switch and rubber cover
Bare Hull - White
Keel with screws
Zinc alloy ballast
Fin box & mast fitting
Plywood servo tray
Servo to rudder pushrod & rubber bellow
12 P
Tiller arm set, plastic, while stocks last
12 M
Tiller arm set, metal
Bow Bumper (Pack of 2)
Sheeting pulley block
Sheeting elastic - 1m
Deck patch set (Pack of 4)
Winch servo set
Dyneema cord - 5m
Winch line rubber cap (Pack or 2)
Mainsheet metal ring (Pack of 2)
Standard mast set
Standard sails (main & jib)
Jib boom and fitting
Main boom kicker assembly & fitting
Masthead fitting
Bowsies (Pack of 10)
Silicone tube - 6cm
Deck eyes (Pack of 10)
Mainsail luff rings (Pack of 10)
1.2v 2000MAh rechargeables AA size
£2.40 each
Set of tx &rx batteries (Pack of 8)
Battery charger
Dragon Force Kit
800mAh AAA eneloop battery pack*
A, B or C rig kit - mast, boom, jib boom, masthead kit, bowsies & cord
Housemartin A suit -Black finger patches
Housemartin B Suit -Black finger patches
Housemartin C Suit -Black finger patches
Rig Bag A, B or C
£5.00 each
Graphite Deck Sticker Set
Graphite Deck Patch Set
Graphite Battery Hatch Set

* The battery pack comes complete with an extension lead and velcro to relocate it to the mast box.

So What Else Might I Need?

There has been some debate about whether or not the actual cost of £150 for a DF65 is accurate in getting you competing. Lets look at the options.

Option 1 - Club racing - I'm going to take Birkenhead MYPBC as an example here, there are a number of members (15+) that have established a fleet of DF65's at the club and they have decided that they will allow use of an A rig and a B rig only but they have allowed aftermarket sails. If it is windy enough for a C rig they'll chat and drink coffee which suits them down to the ground! They have allowed radio gear to be changed and other mods to be done in accordance with the DF65 class rules.

Total cost - Boat, A & B suit, B rig kit. - £229.00

Option 2 - The Full Monty - If like me you fancy mixing it with the big guns of the RG65 fleet then you are going to need the C rig on top of the A & B rigs.

Total cost - as option 1 + C rig kit & Sails - £282.00

I have not included the cost of rechargeable battery packs or up specced radio gear in these costings, but as a rough guide you should have two battery packs (£14 each from us). If you want to upgrade the radio gear then you can spend from about £50 upwards. You might want some rig bags (£5 each for A, B & C from us) and perhaps a few other trinkets to have about you but you won't need much.

The above costings are based on the Housemartin Sails that we supply.

Option 3 - Lets say you are completely new to the sport of Radio Sailing and want to go the full monty, change radio gear etc, with your first boat then what will your cost be ? I'll base this cost on what I sailed with at the Nationals.

Boat (without radio gear) - £135.00

B & C Rig kits - £60.00

A, B & C suits from Graphite - £105.00

2 x Battery Packs - £28.00

New radio gear (Futaba T6J) inc rx - £150.00

Total cost - £478.00

I placed fifth in the Dragon Force Nationals, more down to my sailing ability than my choice of equipment! This was only my second twin sail event having usually sailed an RC Laser I found there was much more tuning to be done with the DF65.

As mentioned radio gear is available from around £50 so you could take £100 off the price of my boat straight from the get go and be at £378.00.

Option 4 - You buy the boat and two extra rig kits (£150 + £60) and then you spend £40 on some materials and you have a go at making your own sails. The rules say you can and that would get you a fully kitted boat with all three rigs for £250.00

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Latest News

28th March 2014

We are open for launching. If you've got a boat with us and you fancy going boating why not hotfoot it down to the yard and get your boat on the water! If you haven't yet asked us to dewint your boat we will not have done so unless you are on our fantastic TBM package in which case it is ready to go! Here's to more great weather like last year.

13th February 2014

Well the only word for yesterdays storm is "epic", some of the locals have not seen weather like it in living memory, on my way to work this morning I counted as many as 15 trees down with some obstructing the road. The weather today is nice by comparison, still quite windy but nothing on the scale of yesterday. Tomorrow, Friday looks interesting again but again not on the scale of yesterday.The yard and boats within are all fine, the offsite sheds are fine too so fingers crossed we've seen the worst of the weather...for this week!

18th December 2013

Merry Christmas - we are done here for this year, all the boats are now tucked away and serviced, the yard is looking good and tidy, the tractors are in the shed being prodded for next season so we are all off for some well earned R&R over the festive period. To all our customers we would like to thank you for supporting us for another year, which has been one of our busiest since we took over. Next year sees a real milestone for us, having been here at the yard for ten years. We should really plan a big party and we probably will but in the meantime please have a very Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year. Now for the boring bit, the office will be closed now until 8th January, however if you need to contact Tim just srop him an email and he'll get back to you.

3rd December 2013

Not much to report really, 99% of the boats are now winterised and tucked away for the winter months. Now that is out of the way we are turning our attention to the tractors which ae due an extra dose of loving this winter after working hard this summer. The yard is still open four or five days a week although the office is sometimes shut, however emails are checked on a regular basis.

12th October 2013

As Tim will probably spend a little less time at the yard over the winter months he has installed a Twitter Feed on the homepage which he will update whenever he gets a chance, hopefully a few times a week. That way you can see what he gets up to and where he ends up over the winter. Don't forget to follow him for updates too!

10th October 2013

Seasons End - Well this is it, our last weekend of Park & Launch for 2013. If you haven't already let us know what you are doing with your boat please contact us and we'll get it done for you. We can offer undercover storage at great rates and competitive service and winterisation packages as well as our legendary TBM service.

26th September 2013

The yard has been significantly quieter this month than the previous couple. The weather has still been great and the sea has been flat and we have had a few boats out but it does seem that the Abersoch season is starting to draw to a close once again. With this in mind if you have finished with your boat and would like it servicing, winterising or storaing then please get in touch with us on 01758 713900 or send us an email. Our Park & Launch season finishes on the 13th October and from then on we will be busy until nearly Christmas servicing and storing boats so if you know you want your boat done book early to avoid disappointment!

1st September 2013

Wowzers what a busy month that was! Between boatyard and baby stuff Tim has been pretty busy although he did manage a trip to Fleetwood with his RC Laser to go racing. I did promise a piccy or two of Phoebe some time ago, however we got busy so here it is now. Clicky the piccy and it will become bigger!

1st August 2013

All is now well at Boatyard HQ, apart from the weather which appears to be a bit broken at the moment. The temperature is still in the mid to high teens but the weather itself is more like autumn than August but hey ho it is giving us a bit of catchup time from the last 8 weeks of solid sunshine we have had. Phoebe and Emily are doing great too, Pheebs is now nearly 8lb which is amazing and Em is making great progress and should be allowed out behind the wheel before too long.

18th July 2013

Well we are starting to return to normality now here at the yard after a bit of a fraught ten days. After giving birth naturally Emily had some life threatening complications that beset only 5% of women. After an extended stay in Bangor for ten days we were very pleased to get them home last night which is a great relief for us all. The yard has run well without Tim at the helm however he will be spending more time at the yard from now on in so the great service you have had from Huw & Nicko will be ruined by him I'm sure! Again many thanks for your patience throughout this difficult time for Tim and his new family. We will post some pictures soon enough.

7th July 2013

Welcome to the world Phoebe Grace Rooke-Long. As you may know Tim and his wife Emily were expecting on the 10th of August, however just to be different they spent a very long day in Bangor today and with few complications are proud to announce the arrival of Phoebe Grace at 11.58am weighing in at 5lb, 14oz. Mother and baby are both now doing well. There have been a few complications along the way which does mean that the office will be closed for a few days, however the yard will be open as usual and the phone should be answered.

10th June 2013

Grand Day Out - Those of you that know me will know that I have a bit of a fetish for the British Touring Car Championship and have done for a good few years now. The latest round was held at Oulton Park and I was invited as a guest of the Speedworks Motorsport Team who run two cars in the BTCC. I had an amazing day out, got to walk the grid for the three races and met some really great people. Here is a piccy of my last race grid walk stood in front of one of the Speedworks cars..... As with all our news images now it is a clickable one.

1st June 2013

Race Day, Makers Market and Sad Times - Well, the Abersoch 10k has started and probably finished by now and the monthly Makers Market is well underway for today. Mid way through the 10k the big yellow bird appeared overhead which is always a great sight. Luckily no one from the 10K was having problems. It will however be a very sad day when these old girls are retired and the SAR service is privatised. Luckily I managed to get a photo of todays sortie and if you click on the image it will fill your screen!

30th May 2013

New Links - We have added a few new links on our links page. They are the Llanbedrog information site, like the Abersoch one there is a whole heap of useful info and history on there, a good site to look at with a cup of tea and a biscuit or two. The other link is for the Wern Fawr holiday "complex" for want of a better word, 5 self catering cottages and top quality B&B. The final new link is for another holiday cottage rental. Set on the side of Rhiw overlooking Llangwnadl and the Irish Sea it is a fantastic 2 bedroom cottage with great facilities and outdoor area. It belongs to my in laws so be nice when you're there and they might dish some dirt on me! Clicky here for the links page.

29th May 2013

Earthquake! - No really, we had an earthquake here this morning there is lots of info about it all over the interweb. All the boats in the yard are safe and sound, although there was some damage in the Boatyard HQ garden. Clicky here to see the damage.

7th May 2013

Dragon Force - No not the North Korean Army but a new model yacht! We have been waiting for this great little boat for over a year now and we are quite excited about it's arrival. for more details click here.

6th May 2013

Safety first, safety second and safety third - I'm not one for banging on about safety on boats but one thing you really should be wearing is your killcord. As you'll probably have seen there was an incident in Padstow yesterday where two people were killed and four others seriously injured because the driver was not wearing his killcord. Read the story here. Also this weekend our Abersoch RNLI boys were involved in a pretty hairy rescue round at Porth Ceiriad, check out the photos and video here.