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29th March 2014

An answer to a question on a forum, how does the RC plug together in my DF65. I am currently building up a raceboat for a customer and we remove and varnish the rc tray so here is the gear out of the boat. This is using the supplied Rx as comes with the kit.

Switch to channel 2 or 4, winch channel 3 and rudder servo channel 1, the battery then plugs into the other side of the switch rather than the Rx. Hopefully the photo helps a little!

27th September 2013

Rig Kits - We now have some stock of the DF rig kits for A, B & C suits and unlike the rig that comes with the kit the other rig kits require some assembly and the following photos are to help you with the building of your rigs.

If you are building a B or a C rig then you'll need to cut down your upper & lower mast sections as per section G.2 of the class rules which are available on the left hand menu. Once you have done this you can start assembling the parts you have.

This photo shows the kit supplied job boom and an unassembled kit of parts. Pretty straight forward and the only thing you'll need to do is thread some cord through the aft most fitting to give you your topping lift before you glue in into place.

These are the parts that make up the kicker, note that in the bag of bits there may only be two of the bolts required. Fear not the third will be in the bag with the cord and silicone rings. Don't ask me why it just is!

Again a pretty straight forward build and don't forget to glue the boom band in place for the compression strut attachment. Also glue the lower boom fitting in place, don't rely on the push fit!

A shot of the built mainboom and the parts as supplied in the rig kit.

The mast stub, as supplied with the boat (left) and as supplied in the rig kit (right). The little collar is to be found in the masthead fittings kit. Again, don't ask me why I just couldn't tell you, perhaps it is Chinese logic! Also notice that the collar doesn't sit in the middle of the stub and it might be upside down in this photo!!

This is the lower end of the upper section as supplied with the boat (left) and as supplied in the rig kit (right). Nothing too taxing here just remember to glue the joiner in to both mast sections and add a bit of tape too to prevent it splitting.

The upper section of the upper section if you get me, glue the masthead fitting into place, pushfit the backstay crane and make sure that the mainsail uphaul fitting is free to swivel.

Slot everything together, put your sails on, rig them and hey presto go sailing with your new rig!

If you have any specific questions please drop us an email of give us a call on 01758 713900.

Happy rig building!


14th September 2013

Rig Bags - Having built our rigs we need to keep them all neat and tidy so have built three rig bags to go with them. They are available to buy from us so you can keep your rigs looking great and not worry about them when transporting them about the place.

We have posted a few pictures below. If you'd like to order one, two or all three bags just give us a call on 01758 713900 or drop Tim an email to

A Rig bag

B Rig bag

C Rig bag


A, B & C Rig bags

Dragon Bags!

13th September 2013

Tim has now finished building the three rigs to show off the new Housemartin Sails that we are selling. there are a few pictures of the rigs below and also a few pictures showing the detail of each rig. The only items that are non standard from the kit rig are the mainsail luff rings which have been substituted for cord and also the forestay which has been substituted for wire.

We are able to supply A, B & C suits from stock.

If you have any questions please drop us an email to

Housemartin A suit on ABS built rig

Housemartin B suit on ABS built rig

Housemartin C suit on ABS built rig

Jib Boom detail - similar for all three rigs.

Main Boom detail - similar for all three rigs

Jib Head detail

Mainsail head detail showing cord luff ring


16th August 2013

Just two photos to put up today showing the new bow arrangement on the second batch of boats and also a shot of the old bow arrangement with the deckeye.

Old bow arrangement with the deck eye.

New bow arrangement.

19th June 2013

The sun was shining after work today and there was a little bit of breeze so I took a trip down to one of our local beaches with my Dragon Force 65 and had a quick sail.

Looking at the photos you could be fooled into thinking I lived in the Caribbean, I don't, I live in of the dragons!

A Dragon on the sea with Snowdon in the background

Clear and calm waters

The town in the background behind the "real" yacht is Harlech, some 13 miles distant.

15th June 2013

We have been out sailing one of the new Dragon Force RG65 yachts this afternoon. It was a little too windy for the A rig but that's all we had so we went with it! Check out a few pictures below.

Nothing broke, nothing fell off and the boat didn't sink. I'd say thats a good all round performance. The boat spent a lot of time underwater on the runs and it was a little tricky to bear away, however these are issues that wouldn't have presented themselves with a B or C suit flying.

I have to say that I am more and more impressed with this little yacht each time I interact with it. I would advise doing a few mods before putting to sea though just to make sure that you get the best experience.

Check out or hints and tips page here.


On the breeze

Deck view

A rare run when the boat was not underwater!


For more info on the Dragonforce 65 Yacht drop Tim an email or give him a call on 01758 713900

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22nd April 2021 - Well that was great. We saw around 40 boats on the water for our first week of Park & Launch in Abersoch. Blue skies were the order of the day and although it was quite chilly on the water it was great to see so many smiling faces return to the yard. We are now working on getting the rest of the boats ready for Mayday weekend, the first Abersoch Banky of the year! Hopefully the weather will play ball.

31st March 2021 - We reckon you'll be boating in Abersoch before too long. We are hoping to open our Park and Launch service in Abersoch on the 12th April 2021......we'll see you there for beers and boating!


11th March 2021 - When? Well we'd like to be open again from the 12th April which would be lovely. Whatever happens we will unfortunatley miss Easter 2021 due to lack of guidance from the Welsh First Minister and the stay local message which will be in place in England. We will be getting boats ready for the season over the next month so that as soon as you guys get the green light to be here we will be ready with boats and tractors to get you on the water. In the meantime, stay safe.